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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


 yesterday my family and i all went to the eye doctor. before, thoguh, my mum, brother, and i went to the salvation army for a little shopping. while strolling through the rows of graphics tees and old lady sweaters i happenstance upon this dharma tee. from the tv show lost. my sister were obsessed with it when they were my age. so even though i couldn't buy it. i know i had to document it. there were some fine tees at that salvation army.
 we then all went to Staten island for the doctor, but before we went to Perkins for some quick family bonding time. also it was late and we were starving.
 my prescription is the same as always. reading glasses. thgouh the doctor said i should use them more cause i'm getting near sighted in my left eye. that makes sense. but i got some frames that fit me. so I'm gonna just start wearing them all the time. cause my life is reading, writing, sewing, and internet-tv. and i need them for all those things. so aorund January i will be a dorky hipster

how do you like my new shirt? i studded this really old long sleeved shirt from goodwill. i actually studded it while playing halo, so i died a few extra times. i also look like five years younger them i am in these pictures. i was half asleep.

shirt, belt: Goodwill
bracelet: Rue 21
shorts, socks, tights, shoes: Target
jacket: Salvation Army

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Swag Like It's The Eighties

 my clothes today was a lot more relaxed. almost how i would dress if i went to school, casual but nice. i took a lot of inspiration from my friends style, she's experimenting with pastel goth and Japanese anime style, so i figured i'd try it out.
 i went to the mall today, which was strange considering i dislike the mall, but i was bored. it turns out we have a fake hot topic, and one of those bad quality but very cheap Chinese knock off stores. where you can find the hottest looks for under 20. basically i found a thousand things i wanted to buy my friend. but being a broke lazy girl i couldn't
my cute little pink ninja shirt says I'll knock the swag outta you. very clever and cute. I'm getting back into spirit fashion in mind, now to actually write something...ya
hope your christmas season is going well. i've stayed away form Christmas music for the most part, but it's hard not to feel christmassy when your walking around and all the stores have light FM on and kinds are lining up to see a mediocre Santa and it smells like the two sweet baked good stores we have. so ya. having a little to many feels lately. the amount of things  watered for myself and other people today is frightening. but i guess that's life. you're gonna see things you like.

shirt, pants: Rue 21
jacket: Old Navy
under shirt: Goodwill
shoes: Target
back-pack: Garage Sale
head necklace: Claire's

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blast Off

Greetings. How's your life going? mine's fine, pretty barren. but i dug this shirt up from the depths of my closet and realized how much i missed it.
 it was cold today, as it should be, so after getting dressed i wrapped myself up in a blanket and drank copious amounts of tea.
 lately i've taken to looking like a hobo, with over sized shirts and sweaters, so a chance to actually wear something nice was welcome.

hat: H&M
jacket: Salvation Army
shirt: Brother's
shorts, tights, socks: Target
shoes: Ebay


There's my life lately. not exactly exciting.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Hello new followers. ever since i've opened my blog people have been noticing me. which is slightly strange but lovely. i know i haven't been posting lately. fall is weird. but winter is my element. last December i posted daily. i think I'll challenge myself to do that again. i want to set up a weekly style, DIY, life post, and daily outfit posts. but that will take some planning on my part so please be patent while i get things in order.once again thank you. Christmas is coming, in case you haven't noticed. 

Come Home My Child

 hello, i know i've been gone for a while fall is always a busy time for me, when what i wear seems to vanish and be replaced with whatever clean. i still love fashion, I'm not saying i loose my interest. i just get more focused on other things. but now that i've mastered self timer I'm hope taking pictures of what I'm wearing will become easier.
 so these are my new pants from rainbow, surprising, i've never shopped there before. but they fit and we cheap so that made me happy. i've wanted a pair of black floral pants for a while, they're just all so expensive.
 my sister and i went to Connecticut muffin to study in the rain. i don't know why I'm telling you this but it always excites me when i can get out.
 i wore my boots because they stand up to rain surprisingly well, and my spike bracelet because i missed it. my shirt is just an old summer knit i got from goodwill in Pennsylvanian.
 then my hat is my new favorite thing ever. just thought you should know that. i can only wear it indoors, because hats outside make me nervous, but i do enough stuff indoors to make it worth it. also, i bought a pair of red brogues form H&M for 20 dollars. they have fringe and a slit platform. so looking forward to wearing the at christmas.

also this song is my favorite thing and i need to advertise it.

hat: H&M
shirt: Goodwill
pants: Raindbow
boots: Target
bracelet:: Rue 21
necklace: Claire's

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Running Up And Down, Going Nowhere

 Hi. I'm back form my unofficial, badly timed hiatus. of course i had to get super busy with fun, photogenic things, then forget to take pictures. but I'll try now. can't promise anything but it's worth a shot.
 most of the items here are new. new hat, new cardigan, new shirt, maybe.

 not a lot to say. I'm a big fan of my cross cardigan i feel like a really obvious vampire hunter-professor. and i added studs to my old shorts to give them new life.
my hat was 7 dollars form H&M. pretty useless but wonderful. been drinking Starbucks lattes like a rich girl form the suburbs lately. but they're christmas flavors are so darn good.

hat: H&M
cardigan: Forever 21
shrits: Goodwill
shorts: So old i can't remember
shoes: Ebay
tights: Target


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween FTW

i thought instead of showing you pictures of fall, i would write out a few of the best things of fall, and let you build your own inspiration folder. 

now as you might have noticed, 99 percent of these movies are animated. all the best Halloween movies are animated. i have a few new releases that look good, plus some of the classics. i don't doubt you've heard of these, but i still love roundups.

a new release with about the cutest looking plot ever.
 one of my favorite Halloween movies. or maybe i just love Neil Gaiman. either way reading and watching Coraline is a must for any rainy night
 obvs. i know this is more classically a Christmas movie but i never saw it. Halloween all the way. plus just look at the animation!
 best two movies ever. April Addams is a known fahsion icon.and then the movies just hit you with kitschy aesthetic and love.
 also a new release. anything about small town, ghosts, curses, and zombies is fine by me.
 i know this isn't the official poster, but my friend has this girl on her shirt and I'm mad jelly. but basically this movie looks weird and completely unoriginal but i can't wait to see it anyway.

Clothes, Etc
legwarmers are literately the best thing ever. just, they're so soft and warm
stripes, black and orange, pumpkins. i'll just leave this here.
candy corn is nasty. at least that's what i think. but you can not deny the beauty behind these cones of chemical.

 knit hats: i sure staple. i myself possess a red knit beret, and my hair is short to wear hats.
brown combat boots. i don't own any, flaw on my part, but if you can, snag these. i didn't think that brown would go with all my black and gray clothes but now i realize brown combat boots match anything in the fall. anything!

sweater, particularly gray.

fall colors are as follows, or at least as i have observed:
grays, browns, blacks, purples, oranges, golds, and reds

 hot chocolate, more specifically, pumpkin pie spice hot chocolate. i love the idea of roasting marshmallows to put on tops.
 these fall under the categories of pumpkin lattes, but they were both to cute to choose.
 gingerbread. whether it be actual bread, cake, cookies. always do something cute with it. if only i could bake and had the skills to achieve this.

pomegranates. only just the most magical and whimsical food of all time. they are finally coming back into season and it's some to the baking.
 apples, bum bum bum!!! just take a moment and enjoy the humble apple. sure, during to winter you hate it because it's the only fresh fruit available, but in the fall it's remade. my favorite snack is cutting and peeling an apple, and covering it with cinnamon.
 pumpkins. obviously everything in the fall needs pumpkins. i just made pumpkin oatmeal cookies. but the real beauty is in the untouched pumpkin patch.
 pumpkin oat bread is the pinnacle of pumpkin things.
 and, of course, your best bet with fall is to just pour spices on everything and dig in.

a few of my favorite fall Tumblrs. partake and smile.

Halloween music usually isn't in abundance but there are some fally tracks that fit. 

Dark Dark Dark
wonderfully dark without being full on gore music, there lyrics and style fits for fall and Halloween perfectly. 

the Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack
while i do not own this one cannot deny that the best Halloween movie must therefore have the best Halloween soundtrack

Sweeney Todd Soundtrack
again, i don't own and have never seen the movie but these songs are just perfect.
 of course rookie would put together a flawless Halloween soundtrack, of course. 

Abigail Washburn and the sparrow quartet.
wonderfully folk, she's perfect for reading and drinking hot beverages while pretending you ate in the 20th century. 

Black Prairie 
same as Abigail but a little closer to Dark Dark Dark when it comes to lyrics. just listen to all three of them on repeat.

The Witch of the Westmoreland
 this is just a song but lately i've been loving it.