Archive Of My Priceless Works

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blast Off

Greetings. How's your life going? mine's fine, pretty barren. but i dug this shirt up from the depths of my closet and realized how much i missed it.
 it was cold today, as it should be, so after getting dressed i wrapped myself up in a blanket and drank copious amounts of tea.
 lately i've taken to looking like a hobo, with over sized shirts and sweaters, so a chance to actually wear something nice was welcome.

hat: H&M
jacket: Salvation Army
shirt: Brother's
shorts, tights, socks: Target
shoes: Ebay

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Hello new followers. ever since i've opened my blog people have been noticing me. which is slightly strange but lovely. i know i haven't been posting lately. fall is weird. but winter is my element. last December i posted daily. i think I'll challenge myself to do that again. i want to set up a weekly style, DIY, life post, and daily outfit posts. but that will take some planning on my part so please be patent while i get things in order.once again thank you. Christmas is coming, in case you haven't noticed. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Greek Gods Are Playing

 still catching up on the trip to pen. the shirt was made by me. all my little cousin's eyes lit up when they saw it, so i guess i'm doing something right.
 more of the crazy hill behind our house. the other half of the house wasn't being rented so we had lots of fun trespassing on their part of the woods, stealing their wood, and falling over.
 then the parents organized a hike through the field behind our house. the grass was tall for me, so the girls we nearly lost. this is the shrine of dead wheat we found. no other wheat or plants apart form grass, and then these. i wanted to steal it but i didn't.
 there were lots of strange cars parts strewn about. also a shed
 hiking is srs business y'all
 mysterous woods we did not wander into.
 there were tree stumps with smileys on them strategically placed every five yards or so. we had great fun throwing rocks, trying to make them not smile, we missed every time.
 then it was fishing with the manly men known as Andrew and Alex.
 i disapprove of harming animals for sport, so in protest i sat and listened to music. i had forgotten a book like the idiot i am. speaking of books, never go bookless for a week, you'll die.
 then they caught a fish

 then we went on another hike through the woods next to the lake. we found an abandoned play set, which Andrew and I promptly stole.
 also a collapsed tree. here max and Andrew display what goes down in our family. the elders forcing the children to learn how to fit, sneak, and kill. Alex did it to Andrew, Nicole, B-man and I. now we are doing it to the youngster. i guess that's why we organized races in the dark and games of werewolf.
 i then found a bow cause I'm a huntress of Artemis. i proceeded to shoot everyone.
 a surprisingly good picture form my brother. i think it's just that our camera was made to take pictures outdoors.
 Andrew is king of all, deal with it.
 we then want wandering through the woods again. assigning Greek gods to each of us and watch Andrew break trees with his mighty wooden stick. (see above)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Feel Like I'm In A Tim Burton Film

 so today has been windy and dark and just generally Gothic.
 i baked Halloween cupcakes, went out and blew away.
 and then came back wearing stripes and father issues.

overalls: H&M
shirt: Goodwill
socks: Rite-Aid
shoes: Ebay
ring, neckalce: Rua 21
earrings: Claire's
bag: Garage Sale

Thursday, September 13, 2012


that's right. i have a lookbook. it's fancy and new and you should get one so we can hype eachother and become besties. here's the link.
so ya. I'm still gonna post here. but this is more where i post things about my life, whereas lookbook is daily looks.  i've also been busy sewing and schooling so my fashion is pretty lazy at the moment. once i get back into life I'll starting posting more.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Two Days Have Passed Without The Moon

 so day two and i apologize for the pic spam of my face. i wanted to capture the background, but i also wanted pics of me. to late i realized i would have to put all of them to capture the background.
 we went to many garage sales, as it was Saturday. who would have thought rich people living in the middle of nowhere would have such nice stuff.
 like this vintage sewing machine on a table for like ten dollars? cries.
 they also had a type writer.
 and a pretty flower window.
 i actually like this one so i'm putting it here.
 sweater table.

 wall covered in fifties posters. i had also collected this mint condition faux leather backpack, just what i was needing, for 8 dollars.

 next one had woods.
 and gorgeous black kitties who think they are venomous tigers and come at you to run the other direction when you turn around. it also ran with it's legs strait out.
 and old board games.

 then to a fifties diner for pancakes and cookies.

shirt: some Department store on Flatbush.
pants: DIY
boots, ring: Claire's
necklace: Icing